I. General provisions

These general terms and conditions govern the relationship between Pureo baby food and consumers of the services and products it offers.

Pureo with web address is a trademark of EOOD.

The site is available to all users who wish to use its services and have read and agree to these Terms and Conditions.

By visiting the web address and using the services and products of baby food "Pureo", the customer automatically declares that he is familiar with these general terms and conditions and accepts them unconditionally.

Pureo reserves the right to unilaterally change and supplement these general terms and conditions, and the changes will be published on the web address, for which the customer should monitor.

II. Terms of use of services and products

Baby food "Pureo" offers a variety of products. The content of each article, each customer can get acquainted on the web address, where the articles and their ingredients are published

It is the responsibility of the user (customer) to familiarize himself with the content and to assess whether the ingredients used in it are suitable for the child for whom the order is made.

III. Order / request

To place an order from the website you need to visit the store section on the web address Once your order has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email.

IV. Weight and Content

The description of each item describes the weight and detailed content.

V. Payment

You can pay for the item (s) you ordered with a card or upon delivery by our employee in cash.

VI. Delivery

Deliveries are made on Tuesday and Friday.

Orders placed before 12:00 on Monday are delivered on Tuesday. Orders placed between 13:00 on Monday and 12:00 on Thursday are delivered on Friday.

The products ordered by you are delivered in disposable packages to an address or to a point (from our list).

Baby Food Pureo cannot commit to an exact delivery time or a delivery time desired by the customer.

The customer undertakes to be at the delivery address or to ensure the presence of his representative on the day of delivery to which the order is to be delivered.

In case the customer has not provided conditions for delivery / delivery of the order (the customer is not at the delivery address, the customer does not answer the specified contact phone number, the customer does not answer the home specified for delivery, etc.), it is destroyed in compliance the provisions of the control bodies.

Delivery to the client's address is made for the following districts in Sofia: B-19, Banishora, Beli Brezi, Boyana, Bunker, Vitosha, Geo Milev, Gorna Banya, Gotse Delchev, Dianabad, Dragalevtsi, Zone B-5, Zone B- 5-3, Ivan Vazov, Izgrev, Iztok, Knyazhevo, Krasno Selo, Kriva reka, Krastova Vada, Lagera, Lozenets, Malinova Dolina, Manastirski livadi, Mladost 1, Mladost 2, Mladost 4, Oborishte, Ovcha Kupel, Pavlovo, Reduta, Holy Trinity, Serdika, Simeonovo, Slatina, Sofia Park, Strelbishte, Studentski grad, Hippodrome, Hladilnika, Center, South Park, Druzhba 1, Druzhba 2, Nadezhda, Gorublyane.

The delivery for Banishora, zh.k. Garden, residential complex Zoo, zh.k. Nadezhda, Zone B-18, Zone B-19, Zone B-5, Zone B-5-3, Knyazhevo, Malinova Dolina, Ovcha Kupel, Triaditsa and Fondovi Zhilishta. Residents of areas not listed in these General Terms and Conditions, and who wish to place an order, should contact by phone +359 883 91 91 90 on working days between 09:00 and 17:00, to clarify the possibility for delivery.

VII. Storage of Pureo products

The delivered baby food products "Pureo" have an expiration date indicated on the label of each package.

Food should be stored in a refrigerator up to + 4 degrees.

Pureo baby food is not responsible:

• If by his actions the customer contributes to the spoilage of the products and the consequences thereof.

VIII. Reimbursement of amounts paid

Baby food "Pureo" refunds the amount of the order under the following conditions and circumstances and at the express request of the customer:

• Cancellation of an order already placed.

In case a customer states his explicit wish to cancel an order / Up to 15 hours on the previous day of the planned delivery /

The refund is made within 14 (fourteen) working days from the receipt of a written notification by the client to a bank account specified by him.

In case the customer has not notified of his cancellation of the order, the amount is not refundable.

IX. Concluding remarks

In case of non-compliance with these general terms and conditions, Baby Food Pureo reserves the right not to accept, not to deliver or to terminate the deliveries to the given customer.

More information about us can be found on the web address or by contacting us at +359 893 91 91 90 on working days between 09:00 and 17:00.