There is no advanced alternative to conventional baby foods on the Bulgarian market. But the World is evolving and enabling innovations that improve the quality of products and their properties and provide a choice for every 'seeking' parent. Pureo is an extraordinary brand, created with the utmost care for the smallest and most significant!

Margarita Radulova
Stanford Certified Nutritionist and Owner of Zeleo and Furisto Children's Kitchens

I strongly believe in the right of all children to have access to real, quality and wholesome food. My interest in a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition began in the distant 2009 with the birth of our first child. As often happens, parenting has fundamentally changed my attitude towards food and nature. I realized how important it is what we feed our children and how every small choice affects their future. My husband and I started looking for organic products, but they were rare in the shops and we literally ran a marathon all over the city in search of quality food. We decided that we would not wait for someone else to change the attitude towards baby food and we did it ourselves. We set ourselves the goal of proving that feeding our children fully could be a mission possible. We created ZeleoBio.

Magdalena Pashova
Nutritionist and SOS feeding therapist

The heart of my home has always been the kitchen. As a nutritionist, I understand the importance of wholesome, home-cooked meals for the well-being of my family. But let's be real - life doesn't always follow the recipe we plan.

That is why I was happy to join Pureo!

PUREO isn't just a brand; it's a solution crafted from the very moments when I, like you, wished for an extra pair of hands in the kitchen. It's born from a desire to offer fellow moms a helping hand, a culinary ally that ensures every meal is a wholesome, delightful experience, even on the busiest of days.