Friquently asked questions

Our blends and the nutrients they contain are optimally adapted to the successive developmental phases of your baby. The finely pureed blends which are suitable from the age of 4 months carefully prepare your baby's taste buds for supplementary food and contain only 1 easily digestible ingredient, perfect for introducing solids. 

From 6 months, new ingredients are added, including gluten

We've developed our recipes in close cooperation with nutritional scientists .We take into account the different stages of your baby's development and combine state-of-the-art technology and innovative nutritional science to realise our tasty recipes. 

No! Cold pressure is so amazing that we don't need to add any additives, preservatives, colors or stabilizers. Because of this, the food is perishable. All our blends are free from any additives, and free from added sugar and salt. Our products contain only what’s on the label

Our blend creations are plant-based. We're convinced that, as a result, your baby will enjoy vegetables from a very early age. This is hugely important for later nutritional behaviour – and a great basis for a good start in life. After the successful introduction of supplementary food in the form of pureed vegetables, fruit and cereals, you can add organic meat, fish or eggs to ensure your baby gets protein and iron: veal, beef and chicken as well as salmon and whitefish are suitable at this age.

Our fresh blends have to be kept and transported in a chilled environment. In other words, when you buy or take delivery of your blends, pop them straight into the fridge. They can be kept there until their 'use by' date, which you'll find printed on the side of the tubs.

The tubs are able to withstand our high pressure sterilisation process; glass would shatter. But we don't use just any old plastic: our blends come in 100% BPA-free material. 

Our tubs are completely free of toxins such as BPA and therefore harmless for babies and toddlers

Because our blends are fresh, they must be kept cool: we insulate our shipments with straw insulation and keep the tubs cool in cooling boxes.

We take great care to avoid mistakes in our deliveries. If it looks like we slipped up, contact our customer services at

Once you've identified or assembled the box of blends of your choice, you choose the delivery date that's best for you (Tuesday or Friday). We deliver only Tuesday and Friday. 

The general durability of our tubes is 45 days. We regularly deliver products with at least 15 days durability. You can always find the expiration date on the bottom of the tube. Please be mindful to keep your Babyblends refrigerated until feeding time!. Opened Pureos should be consumed within 48 hours, staying refrigerated between servings. 

Our Pureos are made fresh in small and are shipped fresh to your home thanks to HPP (Cold Pressure), which is an alternative to heat pasteurization. It kills harmful bacteria while locking in all of the good stuff like vitamins, nutrients, taste, color and texture. This is a proven food technology used for many other products (cold pressed juice and hummus included) that ensures our product is totally safe. Please be mindful to keep your Pureos refrigerated until feeding time!